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Gourmet Range

The Meat Direct Gourmet Range.

Our Gourmet range, consists of a range of products that are all made in house,

 using the best ingredients to give you the best taste.


Meat Direct – Gourmet Burgers.

Steak, Beef, Lamb & Mint, Chilli, Wild Boar, Pork, Bacon.

Available in 4oz (Quarterpounder), or 6oz (Mighty)

Our Burgers are made in house from our own recipe, using only freshly minced meats,

flavoured and then hand pressed, perfect for your BBQ.


Meat Direct – Shish Kebabs.

Spicy Beef and Lamb & Mint.

Using freshly minced and flavoured meats, our Shish Kebabs are formed in the traditional kofta style

with a wooden skewer, again ideal for the BBQ.


Meat Direct – Meat Balls.

Spicy Beef and Lamb & Mint.

Freshly minced meats,  flavoured and hand formed for that authentic

taste and look, available in 4, 3 and 2oz sizes.


Meat Direct – Best Taste Gourmet Sausages.

Pork,  Pork & Leek,  Pork & Apple,  Pork & Chilli,

Pork & Black Pudding,  Wild Boar,  Lincolnshire,

Cumberland,  Olde English.

Our ‘Award Winning’ superior quality butchers sausages bring back the taste and flavours,

made fresh each day, using only top quality ingredients,

give them a try and experience the taste of a ‘real sausage’.


The Gourmet Range, Bringing You The Best Taste Every time.